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SLING TV Advertising Policies

We believe that the streaming industry should hold itself and its partners accountable for upholding the ethical political advertising standards and follow the guidelines set forth in the linear TV space, where possible. With DISH Media’s experience and existing partnerships, we implement high standards for political advertising across our entire footprint, including DISH TV and SLING TV platforms.

SLING TV allows political advertising on its platform, classified by candidate, party or cause.

SLING TV is not a self-service advertising platform for general or political ads. All ads, including political ads, are reviewed to ensure ads comply with state and federal regulations for political campaigning and advertising. All political ads on SLING TV must be clearly marked and include a “Paid for By” written or spoken statement.

SLING TV works with our partners — D2 Media, agencies and third-party organizations — to ensure proper vetting at multiple stages throughout the buying process. Every organization that purchases inventory on SLING TV for targeted political advertisements is required to go through financial and business vetting.

SLING TV has the ability to target political ads (as well as other advertising) by content genre, subscriber demographics, location, interests and behaviors, as well as behavioral segments.

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